Student Spotlight! – Amanda Drayton

So, Amanda Drayton!  You’ve been at Center Stage for quite a while, but you only joined company this year.  Why company?  Why now? 

I joined the company this year because I knew I couldn’t leave before I went off to college. I had wanted to do it years ago but I wasn’t capable of getting to the studios in time, it was just wrong timing I guess. I’m grateful that this year I’ve finally had the opportunity though; I finally get to be apart of something great in the company and am excited for this year. 


JazzCATS has kind of a unique brand of crazy.  Though it’s early in the year, are you feeling the JazzCATS vibe?

I think I’m definitely feeling the vibe. It’s so fun and high energy I love it. 


Have you ever met a louder human than Tori Moots?

Actually she is the loudest I don’t even know how.


When did you start at Center Stage?

I’ve been dancing since I was four and have been at different studios, but they ended up moving so then I found centerstage and have been dancing here for around seven years. 


Do you remember your first dance routine?

I think my first dance routine at Centerstage was jazz routine and it was like circus by Britney Spears. The costumes were so loud it was a pink tutu attached to a purple bodysuit with long sleeves and polka dot ruffled collar with a yellow hair feather. 


What was your Center Stage journey?

My centerstage journey has been the best I could’ve asked for. I’ve had Julie, Tori, Sue, Samantha, Danielle,Kathryn, and Amanda. So I’ve been with a lot of people, but have learned something different from each one. 


Do you do other outside of school activities?

I work at Tastee Sub Shop where I make and dress pretty good sandwiches. 


What’s your favorite movie and why?

My favorite movie is Breakfast club simply because it’s got the main types of people in high school and they come together to talk about their problems. Never did they think that they’d get along or sit in the same room. But that detention changed them. It pushed everyone of them outside their normal boundaries. The movie is just simply iconic. 


Who are your heroes and why?

My hero has to be Jennifer Lopez because she has come such a long way from where she started. She dove head first into making sure that her career path would lead her to success. By slowly starting the ball with dancing to acting and singing she makes herself a triple threat in the performing arts community. And to see her strive to where she is now is amazing. I want to have as much ambition as she does for my future and make sure I don’t sacrifice my dreams for something that might get in my way and negatively impact my future. 


Favorite food?

My favorite food has to be a good Chic-fil-A deluxe sandwich with fries on the side and Polynesian sauce. 


First celebrity crush?

My first celebrity crush was Leonardo DiCaprio.


TV Show you’re embarrassed to admit you used to watch?

I used to be obsessed with the Doodlebops. They were this band on a tv show that encouraged kids to dance and sing. But their outfits were crazy


When they make a movie out of your life, who would you like to see play you?

When they make a movie about my life I would love to see Zendaya play me. She is absolutely beautiful and talented it’d be an honor for her to represent my story. 


If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?

If I could have dinner with one historical figure it’d be the late Princess Diana. 


What’s next?

Hopefully I get accepted into either my top schools: Rutgers or Montclair University and major in dance and business/education. 


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In ten years I see myself working on the stage performing my pieces as well as others. Or simply just working with kids creating their own dances for them to perform in front of crowds. Hopefully I get to help improve their skills and pass on my knowledge that my teachers have given to me. 


Will you come back to visit Center Stage, or are you gone for good when you’re out the door?

Who leaves Centerstage and doesn’t come back? I have to come visit.