Our Dance Styles

Jazz is the dancing you see in music videos, and in Broadway and Movie Musicals like “Chicago” and “Billy Elliot” or “Burlesque”. Jazz also takes on the new movement of the time as in many music videos and concerts. The warm-up technique section of each class works on alignment, strength and flexibility. Combinations are filled with the contemporary movements our dancers love; also stressing turns and leaps.

Hip-Hop is a dance form with it’s own culture (language, style of dress, music and mind-set). Our classes stress the latest hip-hop steps every aspiring B-Boy/B-Girl should know and touch on the various styles that are the most popular in today’s hip-hop community.
We strongly recommend that children and young teens that are interested in contemporary dance sign up for one of our JAZZ/HIP-HOP programs. Here you will work on technique that will allow you to turn, leap and learn the language of dance while learning the newest moves you see on hip-hop videos as well.

Rhythm and Broadway tap – We’ve got it all!!! For anyone who has been excited by the syncopated rhythms of a tap dancer’s feet, we have a class for you. From the earliest part of the century when tap stars topped vaudeville marquees and flappers filled the Broadway stage, to the MGM movie classics with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers gliding across the screen, to Brenda Bufalino, Savion Glover and Jason Samuels Smith filling a stage today with their marvelous sounds. Tap dance is part of the American culture. We help keep this American art form ‘alive and well’ with classes for Beginners to Advanced levels for children and adults. Our tap choreography has won countless national awards as well as Paula Abdul’s “Company Dance” finals broadcast on national television.

Our classical ballet program was designed to bring training of the highest artistic standards to our students. Classes stress proper body placement and use of the terminology – the special language of Ballet. Pointe classes are available for more advanced students age 11 or older. Since the fundamentals of all major dance forms come from Ballet, its study is recommended for all serious dance students.

Lyrical dance is a beautiful blend of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Dance. Students learn to connect with a song’s lyrics, bringing their emotions into their technical dancing. With a combination of Ballet technique, the rhythms of Jazz, and the emotion of Modern Dance. In Contemporary, the dancer takes on the role of an actor and tells a story through technique and emotions using acting technique and body dynamics. The Choreographer creates a story or expresses the mood or theme of the music and its lyrics.

Kelli Youngman brings Modern technique to our studio this year. A graduate of the Alvin Ailey program at Fordham University and a former Center Stage Nutcracker ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ and CATS dancer, Kelli brings an exciting energy to our dancers – giving them a Horton technique based program. Modern dance is a style of theatrical dance that rejects the limitations of classical ballet and favors movement that draws expression of inner feelings.