Musical Theatre

The focus of the Musical Theatre class is to provide the students with a well-rounded basis with which to approach a role in a musical production. The emphasis will be on singing and acting, using formal vocal exercises, instruction in music theory, theatre games, improvisation and scene work to teach the necessary basics and to familiarize classes with the various musical theatre styles. The students will also work on a showcase to be presented at the end of the year, which will incorporate scenes and songs from musicals, selected specifically for the age and make-up of their particular class.

Older Childrens’s Acting

Theatre games and improvisation are used to introduce the child to the basic tenets of acting. A child’s natural involvement with his or her imagination is nurtured as a valuable actor’s tool. The aims of the class are to encourage the child to trust his/her imagination and intuition, and to feel comfortable and natural acting (not performing) in front of people.

Teen Acting

A further development of the actor’s inner resources as well as an increased focus on the development of the voice and body for the actor. There will be some theatre games and improvisation, along with some preliminary work with text (monologues and scenes), culminating in an end of the year scene showcase.

Adult Acting

An adult approach to the problems and challenges of acting. The emphasis will be on the three basic requirements of acting: relaxation, concentration, and imagination. We will be working on making the actor feel comfortable being him/herself in front of an audience without “play-acting” or showing off. You can’t be another character until you can be yourself. There will be some theatre games based on the highly regarded work of Viola Spolin (you’re never too old to play), as well as scene work and vocal and physical training.

Summer 2019

Fall 2019-20