Student of the Month

Student of the Month – Nicole Shikhmanter

Meet Nicole Shikhmanter!   What companies/classes are you currently in? I am currently in TAP CATS Company.   When did you start at Center Stage? I started at Center Stage at the age of 8.   Do you remember your first dance routine? My first dance routine was a ballet dance with Eva.   What […]

Student of the Month – Alora Eisen

Center Stage:  So, Alora, here we are in the beautiful State Theatre coming up to the weekend of your last Center Stage show.   Alora:               Yes, it’s very surreal.   CS:                  Let’s start with the theatre. What do you think of it?   Alora:             It’s beautiful. I love performing here and looking out to the […]

Student of the Month – Jessica Castiglione

CS:     Hi, Jess, how are you?   Jessica Castiglione:            I’m good, how are you?   CS:     I’m good.  So, do you want to just talk about your journey at Center Stage?   JC:      I came here when I was 9 years old.  I switched schools and came here.   CS:     So had you started at, […]

Student of the Month – Jordan Simon

Center Stage: Hello we’re here with Jordan Simon who is graduating this year, how long have you been dancing with us? Jordan Simon: Since I was 4. CS: Wow, since 4? Do you remember your first class? JS: Yes, it was Tap with Lainie! CS: Lainie! Do you remember what dance that was? JS: Thumbelina! […]

Student of the Month – Colleen Conway

Center Stage:           Hi Colleen. How are you?   Colleen:         I’m good   CS:                 So, you are our first student of the month from our Ocean studio. Congtratulations!   Colleen:         Thank you.   CS:                 Your journey is very different from a lot of the students that I’ve been interviewing, because our studio in Ocean hasn’t been […]

Student of the Month – Bailee Formon

CS:     So I am here with Bailee Formon. Hi, Bailee. How’s your senior year going so far?   Bailee:            Fast, very fast. It’s already competition season. It’s very weird.   CS:     Tell me about your journey at Center Stage, because you didn’t really do the usual path.   Bailee:            No, I was all over the […]

Student of the Month – Tara Youngman

Center Stage:           Tara Youngman, hi!   Tara:   Hey.   CS:     How are you doing?   Tara:   I’m good.   CS:     So, let’s start with Nutcracker, okay?   Tara:   Okay.   CS:     ‘Cause that was kind of a big deal, right?   Tara:   Yeah! It was. My last Nutcracker. I’ve done 7 at Center Stage.   […]

Student of the Month – Cassie Dougherty

Center Stage:           Okay, so, Cassie Dougherty. Wait I always say your name wrong. Teach me how to pronounce it. Cassie:           ‘dog-er-ty’ CS:     Dog-er-ty. Like a dog. CD:     Yes, like a dog. CS:     Okay, Cassie Dougherty. You’re a senior. How are you feeling about that? CD:     Sad. Really sad. And excited, but right now as everything’s […]

Student of the Month – Olivia Ruffine

Center Stage:           To start off our season I am here with one of our seniors – Olivia Ruffine. Hi Olivia! Olivia Ruffine: Hi! CS:     You have been with us since the very beginning, back in Marlboro… how old were you when you started? OR:     YES! Been here for 15 years! CS:     Is this something that […]

Student of Month – Shannon Garahan

Center Stage:           I’m here at the fabulous State Theatre with none other than our own Shannon Garahan.  So, what’s going on? Shannon Garahan: Well, I’m about to do my last Center Stage show ever.  It’s sad and exciting.  Sad is obvious, because it’s my last show, and exciting because I’ve been trying to picture this […]